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Big Bore Air Rifles ???
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TOPIC: Big Bore Air Rifles ???

Big Bore Air Rifles ??? 5 years, 5 months ago #957

A .50 cal air rifle. What will the Korean’s think of next?

I did a search on the internet for big bore rifles and came across the following article on Big Bore air rifles.


The ShinSung Dragon Slayer
The first Korean big bore gun I used in the field was the Dragonslayer, a .50 caliber production air rifle manufactured by Shin Sung. This rifle has evolved from the company’s Dragon model, based on input and direction from their US distributors. The Dragonslayer is a fairly large gun weighing in at 8.8 lbs, 40.3 inches in over all length with a 20.6 inch barrel. The barrels on the Korean guns warrant mention, they are very well made and inherently accurate, as a matter of fact they are OEM’d to some of the premium airgun manufacturers in Europe. This rifle has a single air reservoir (unlike the Dragons twin tube reservoir) that fills to 3000 psi and yields up to 10 full power shots per charge. A handy feature is the built-in pressure gauge which allows one to monitor the drop in air pressure as you shoot. I like this feature a lot, as sometimes during a day of hunting it is easy to loose count of how many shots have been taken, and an on-board gauge give you advance notice to refill. The trigger is a two stage adjustable and has a good tactile response, though the trigger blade is a bit too short for my taste. This does not adversely affect the shootability of the gun and the pull is light and crisp. The side-lever cocking mechanism, which also opens the loading port is ergonomic and is fast and easy to bring into action under field conditions. The Dragonslayer is not as powerful as some of the custom guns, however I’ve taken feral hogs inside of 50 yards, and smaller antelope in Africa at 70 yards. I have also used it to take jackrabbits at long distances (out to 100 yards), and coyote, raccoons and other hard to kill quarry at 60 – 70 yards. The Dragonslayer is on the light side for large feral hogs, but for service as an all around 60-70 yard predator rifle, I would recommend it without reservation.”
Gerhard G
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