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450 RIGBY 4 years, 1 month ago #4122

  • juan pace
Hi Guys.
Need some info on the following.I am considering upgrading my 458 lott to a 450 Rigby/Any advise on where i can find some new brass and who will be up for the job.I need to get a gunsmith who knows the trade to convert the calibers ex.Do anybody have experience which they can share on the 450 Rigby.I would like to have as much info as possible before a take this step.
thanks in advance.
juan :

Re: 450 RIGBY 4 years, 1 month ago #4123

  • Ryan Marsh
Gunsmith - Mr Alan Henry (Natal Gun Company)
You can contact him on 031 904 1982. (He's in Germany at the moment, but will be back on Wednesday)

Re: 450 RIGBY 4 years, 1 month ago #4126

But why? How many times do you want to shoot through an elephant? Do you honestly think that you are undergunned with the Lott? Most guys that I know load their 450 Rigby's to produce 2250 with a 500gr bullet. The Lott does the same.

Remember that in an emmergency you can still shoot 458Win ammo in the Lott, and the Rigby loses magazine capacity.

Speak to Eugene "RO" if you are serious, he went through the excersise last year.


Re: 450 RIGBY 4 years, 1 month ago #4128

  • Greg Moldenhauer

I went through this process last year.

Several reputable gunsmiths recommended against converting standard .458's to .450 Rigby because the barrels were too light and the stocks not designed for the recoil. They did however say it was possible but that clients who had done this did not enjoy the end product mainly because of the severe recoil.

RCBS dies can be ordered through Formalito for about R3400 and Robert Peachey ( see reloading section ) can source Kynoch brass headstamped .450 Rigby for about R30 per case.

I eventually decided to get .450 built by Sabi Rifles on a ZKK 602 action & walther 23 inch barrel - still waiting for this.


Re: 450 RIGBY 4 years, 1 month ago #4129

  • juan pace
Hi Guys.
You all have some good points there.For starters, i spoke to some guys and it sounded that the 450 Rigby were working under lower pressure than the lott,i hunt a lot in Moz in thick stuff with very high temp and umidity.Just thought the 450 would then be better.I will allso look into the barrel thing,do not want to rebarrel and go through the license thing again.I have just restocked the 458 and am very happy with recoil and looks.
I must confess on the other hand after seeing the new 600 grain dzombo solid made by bjinse visser and loaded for the 450 Rigby the " GOGGA " have bitten me ! At this stage i use 475 grain dzombo solids in the lott and maybe this is near to my 416 Rigby at the 410 grainers i load. With the battery i use on my heavy guns i would just like to be at the optimum potensial that i can get with those.I would gladly have more info or suggestions on this please.It is not a easy dicision to make ,in my heart i would like to go for the 450 Rigby but need to make a practical decision as well to go for it or to stick to the lott.thanks again.

Re: 450 RIGBY 4 years, 1 month ago #4131


Lets have a discussion at the shoot tomorrow. There are other options as well. Hope to see you there.


Re: 450 RIGBY 4 years, 1 month ago #4229

  • juan pace
Danie.Could not make the shoot.Was buisy hunting.Would still like more info on the 450 Rigby.I had a look at a friends ZKK 602 which had redone to 450 Rigby.Dont know,maybe i must stick to the lott.

Re: 450 RIGBY 3 years, 5 months ago #5870

  • Oscar
I am thinking of selling my Ceska 550 Safari Magnum 458 Lott and buy a Ceska in 450 Rigby .

Re: 450 RIGBY 3 years, 5 months ago #5876

Hi Juan

I have converted my 458 Express to a 450 Rigby rimless but you must know that there is positive and negatives
1. Match more power
2. Match more pleasure in shooting this rifle
1. Dies set cost match more
2. Brass is more expensive and limited suppliers
3. Capacity in magazine reduced from 5 to 3 bullets
4. Feed and loading sometimes an issue due to the heave bullets
Attached is some reloading data but you will enjoy this calibre(Real Bigbore Gun)


File Attachment:

File Name: reloadingtherigby450rimless.pdf
File Size: 956028

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File Name: 450_Reloading_Data-20111123.xls
File Size: 22528
Last Edit: 3 years, 5 months ago by Eugene Grobler.

Re: 450 RIGBY 3 years, 5 months ago #5878

  • Oscar
You, I did not dare, I animes that I know and put on sale the Lott and buy a Rigby hehe.
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